About Us

Over time, sector expansion Tourism brings various forms of diversification of tourism destination services. Inspired by the Annual Borobudur Travel Mart and Expo (BTMX) Tourism Event which has been going for more than 20 years and has not been held for two years (2020 and 2021) due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Regional Tourism Promotion Agency (BPPD) of Central Java collaborated with RajaMICE Indonesia to Hold International Tourism Event entitled Borobudur Tourism Expo (BTE) 2022.
– Reviving the economic sector after the pandemic through “business to business” activities and also expo (business to customer) which are open to the general public
– Promoting and selling potential tourist destinations throughout the Central Java region
– Promote and improve MSME products Improve the positive
– Image of the Central Java region as a cultural center and leading destination in Indonesia